I am available through phone, text, and Face Time, and I truly value every “collar”. I can’t wait to hear how our puppies can help complete your home!

New Puppy Supplies List

Your new puppy will come home with a sample of food, blanket,  favorite toy (with siblings and mom’s smell), collar, leash, poop bag pouch, a sample of potty pads, and a folder with veterinarian records (shots, deworming, wellness exam, microchip info).

These items you will need to prepare at your home for a new furry friend :
  1. Puppy Food – We use Costco Kirkland brand for puppies in turquoise color bag (chicken and peas formula)

  2. Puppy treats –  We recommend pure bites, red barn and wellness puppy bites brands

  3. NuVet Plus K9 Wafers – All our puppies are started on NuVet Plus Vitamins (we all know how important vitamins are as puppies can’t get all good nutrients from just dry food) Please consider continuing. Order at www.NuVet.com/428166

  4.  Puppy shampoo NuVet Puppy

  5. Food and Water Bowls

  6. Potty pads (We Use Costco Brand)

  7. NuVet Pet and Stain remover

  8. ID tag (optional)

  9. Medium crate and/or play pen

  10. Dog Bed

  11. Snuggle puppy with heartbeat

  12. Variety of toys (soft and chew toys)

  13. Knuckle bones, marrow bones, bull sticks

  14. Slicker brush


We can help you find the perfect pup.

Bernedoodles and Co Reviews

We received him at eight weeks in the grass and this is 12 weeks on his chair. My wife and I found Tania and her husband very nice and conscientious people. They seem very knowledgeable and sent us away with a nice little packet of food, toys, and a folder with all of his information. He is very smart quick to learn. We almost have him housebroken. And I agree with their assessment that this kind of dog needs lots of attention likes to play and be around you. Great memory, my son went away for a week, and he got very excited when he returned. The best dog we have ever had. I can’t help but think that Tania and her husband had a little to do with that. Good luck.


Jameson is growing so fast!!  We are so in love with him and wanted to thank you for bringing him into this world. And he is already potty trained which is so impressive thanks to the foundation you set!!


Thank YOU for my wonderful puppy! I’ve already referred two families that want Bernedoodles to you. BTW Mia is so smart she got to skip puppy preschool and go straight to “kindergarten” where she already knew all those commands too 😂 She’s the puppy used to demonstrate now ❤️



Mini Bernedoodle


Tiny/Micro Bernedoodle