Bernedoodle Puppies

I am available through phone, text, and Face Time, and I truly value every “collar”. I can’t wait to hear how our puppies can help complete your home!

We are passionate about spreading the love and joy that dogs give us

My name is Tania {taan-yuh}, and as the owner/operator you will be communicating directly via your preferred method (text, phone, email, Face Time, and in person visits).

Just like my Bernedoodles, you’ll find I’m quite friendly, accommodating, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be allergic to my hypoallergenic fur. I truly believe that Bernedoodles are the best of both worlds and aim to embody that with the eager-to-please nature of a Bernese Mountain Dog and the responsive and fun-loving playfulness of a Poodle. The result is a warm, fluffy, personable approach to making the world a better place one dog at at time.

Of course our journey hasn’t been all adorable fluff and tail-wagging, but it’s certainly been worthwhile. The cuddly story of Bernedoodles and Co begins where you’d least expect with me leaving my hometown of Kyiv, Ukraine to chase the American Dream – and, although I didn’t know it at the time, puppies. Eager to find a passion that incorporated who I am, I started a business that specialized in designing custom wedding, photography, and pet flower crowns. When I wasn’t gracing angels with halos, I found heaven in helping our four-legged friends at a local shelter.

I loved helping out all our furry friends, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the the overly adorable Bernedoodle. I’ve always known that I just had to have one, but soon discovered that these highly saught after designer pets weren’t exactly waiting around on street corners. When it comes to what is often considered “the perfect dog”, I had no issues digging into my pocket. Where the issues arose was scam-artists.

Unfortunately, not everyone in this world is as pure as a puppy. I attempted to make an online purchase for a dog, that as it turns out, didn’t exist. Fortunately, I was able to recoup my loses. Plus, I learned a thing or two about what to look out for. It was beginning to seem that if I wanted a Bernedoodle, like my flower crowns, I’d have to make it myself.

Bacon, our Bernese Mountain Dog was certainly up for the task. All my family and I had to do was find a willing mate. She came in the form of a Standard Poodle named, Lucy. I don’t think I have to explain what happened next…

Bernedoodle Puppies

We got puppies!

It was our first litter of Bernedoodles and we fell in love. We, and more importantly the pups, couldn’t stop there. Since then I’ve grown into a professional breeder with the loving help and support of my family and our friends who help house our many pets in Guardian Homes. Each pup is cherished and nurtured in an environment of love and comfort.

Our Bernedoodles are bred for their loving temperament, their good health, and adorable appearance. Like our puppies, my aim is to be personable and I encourage face-to-face interactions. Having been burned in my search for the perfect pup, I want to make this as easy as possible for you. My husband, daughter, and puppies welcome you to our home to visit your soon-to-be newest family member. I encourage everyone to start with a free application so that we can learn about one another and I can help you find the perfect pup.


We can help you find the perfect pup.

Bernedoodles and Co Reviews

We received him at eight weeks in the grass and this is 12 weeks on his chair. My wife and I found Tania and her husband very nice and conscientious people. They seem very knowledgeable and sent us away with a nice little packet of food, toys, and a folder with all of his information. He is very smart quick to learn. We almost have him housebroken. And I agree with their assessment that this kind of dog needs lots of attention likes to play and be around you. Great memory, my son went away for a week, and he got very excited when he returned. The best dog we have ever had. I can’t help but think that Tania and her husband had a little to do with that. Good luck.


Jameson is growing so fast!!  We are so in love with him and wanted to thank you for bringing him into this world. And he is already potty trained which is so impressive thanks to the foundation you set!!


Thank YOU for my wonderful puppy! I’ve already referred two families that want Bernedoodles to you. BTW Mia is so smart she got to skip puppy preschool and go straight to “kindergarten” where she already knew all those commands too 😂 She’s the puppy used to demonstrate now ❤️



Mini Bernedoodle


Tiny/Micro Bernedoodle