A Bernedoodle is a mix between the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. As you can see from the two breed descriptions, their combined characteristics are active, proud, very smart, good-natured, calm, and strong. By combining the two breeds, the Bernedoodle is an intelligent and fun dog good with children and adults. What makes this breed perfect for many families is that the Poodle side is happily active outside but the Bernese Mountain Dog side is perfectly happy cuddling on the couch with their family. Families get the best of both worlds. They’re intelligent dogs and can be willful, but good training consistency will give your Bernedoodle lifelong habits for indoors and outdoors interaction.

You might see references to F1 Bernedoodles and F1B Bernedoodles. An F1 Bernedoodle is a mix of a standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. An F1B Bernedoodle is a cross between a standard Bernedoodle and a standard Poodle. An F2 Bernedoodle is bred from two standard Bernedoodles. An F1B will have much more of a Poodle look to it, but you can see more of the Bernese Mountain Dog in the others.

The Bernedoodle is a relatively new breed of dog, so finding Bernedoodle puppies for sale in San Diego, Los Angeles, or the Bay area can be challenging, but we – Bernedoodle and Co – are a local ethical Bernedoodle breeder in California since 2015. Our Bernese Mountain Dog, Bacon, was the start of our journey, and he’s passed his sweet temperament and good health to his Bernedoodle puppies.

Bernedoodle puppies

What are Bernedoodle coloring options?

Another fun fact about Bernedoodles is that they have several sizes and colors to choose from. Bernedoodle colors include:

How big does a Bernedoodle get?

Most people need to know that their new Bernedoodle puppy will not outgrow their home. Whether you live in a single family home or a condominium, you can find the right sized Bernedoodle. Bernedoodles come in standard sizes of about 65-85 pounds, but you can also get mini Bernedoodles. Mini Bernedoodles weigh 30-49 pounds and Micro also known as Tiny Bernedoodles 15-25 lbs. You can get an F1B mini Bernedoodles or F2 mini Bernedoodles. As you can see, what makes Bernedoodles perfect for so many families is the many choices you have with coloration and sizes.

Larger F1 Bernedoodles can be happy in single family homes, but the smaller micro and mini versions are good for apartments. Your breeder can match you with the right size for your living environment and family situation. To find out the right Bernedoodle puppy for you, fill out our application.

Do Bernedoodles shed?

For anyone with allergy concerns, fortunately, the Bernedoodle hypoallergenic coat allows it to be a good option. Bernedoodle adoption is common for families looking for a dog that won’t trigger any allergic reactions, but with this benefit comes the grooming responsibility common with longer-haired dogs. The type of fur you get with your Bernedoodle depends on cross-breeding, but your breeder can tell you the type of fur you can expect when you take home your new family member.

Bernedoodles don’t shed much, but the Poodle side of the breed requires grooming to avoid matting. The Bernese Mountain Dog side brings a bit of shedding, but it can be controlled with consistent brushing. Brushing your dog is a good way to bond with it, and Bernedoodles love to be brushed and bond with their family. Also, to control Bernedoodle shedding and avoid allergic reactions, cutting your dog’s hair and keeping it well groomed will ensure that your new family member won’t bother anyone with their dander.

How long do Bernedoodles live?

Every one of our Bernedoodles is happy and healthy puppy, and we offer a health guarantee to our clients. It’s important that every Bernedoodle has the love and exercise necessary for a long and happy life. Bernedoodles love to cuddle on the couch, but they also need exercise. We offer help with Bernedoodle puppy training if you’d like help from a professional in the San Diego, Bay Area, or Los Angeles.

You can expect your new family pet to live about 12-18 years. Because Bernedoodles are a cross-mix of two other breeds, they don’t carry the same health issues as purebred dogs, but the genetics of the lineage determine health outcomes. The Bernedoodle is a healthy breed, but the biggest responsibility for new owners is practicing good grooming habits. Make sure you regularly brush your dog, and be prepared to cut its hair every few months. Grooming habits will avoid hot spots on their skin from matting and dirt. Hot spots are areas of the skin where your Bernedoodle might constantly lick, and it can cause itching and uncomfortable rashes.

Are Bernedoodles aggressive?

Because of their mild temperament, Bernedoodles are great family dogs. It’s important to give any dog love and affection, and you should make them feel safe in their environment. Treated poorly, any dog can be aggressive, but Bernedoodles are not an inherently aggressive or stubborn breed. They’re known to be great with smaller kids, so parents can rest assured that they can keep their family pet even with babies and smaller children. Make sure the child is monitored while around your dog so that the child doesn’t pull ears or pinch the dog, which can cause them pain and discomfort.

As with most new puppies, new Bernedoodle puppies can be skittish around new people in the house, strangers you meet outside or at the vet, and they might not know proper “dogiquette” with other dogs. It’s important to socialize your new Bernedoodle puppy by exposing them to as many new smells, flooring, people, dogs, and other things as possible so that they are confident and unaffected by changes in their environment.

Where can I find a Bernedoodle for sale in Los Angeles, Bay area, or San Diego?

Bernedoodles and Co is an ethical breeder for Bernedoodle puppies in California, mainly the Los Angeles, Bay area and San Diego. You can find prices, wait times, and the type of Bernedoodle litter we have available on our main page.

To see images of our adorable puppies, see our available Bernedoodle puppies for sale. You can either pick up your puppy, or we deliver a puppy to your home in San Diego, Los Angeles, or the Bay area. To adopt a Bernedoodle puppy, please fill out our application.

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What Is A Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle is a mix between the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. As you can see from the two breed descriptions, their combined characteristics are active, proud, very smart, good-natured, calm, and strong. By[...]

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